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Double gate fold 2LP Deluxe edition "Medicated Spirits" Order Now 

"Made in the World" 2nd video now up from the double album Medicated Spirits 

"Speed of Light" - First video off the Medicated Spirits double album 


"The charm oozes from the lyrics, the singing and the instantly appealing melodies”SMH 

“Reg and Peter have released their masterpiece - Medicated Spirits”. Discussions Magazine USA


“The singing is like receiving a smile when a forbidding door is opened to you”. The Age

“Among the threads is a subsection of pop-rock that we might call the ''charm school''. It runs from the Beatles and the Kinks through Hunky Dory-period Bowie to Nick Lowe and on to Dog Trumpet”. Canberra Times

“By album’s end you conclude that, life’s worries notwithstanding, everything will be all right while there are songs as fine as these. Courier Mail

“the duo have come up with their finest batch of songs to date and released as a double album... on two CDs! It doesn't get much better than this, to be honest”. Discussions Magazine USA


“Yet there is usually something cheery about their ever-melodic musical settings, which intimate a youth assimilating, say, The Beatles White Album and The Kinks’ Muswell Hillbillies”. Courier Mail

Dog Trumpet have recorded the best album of their career thus far as well as one of the best albums of the year. Not bad for a couple of fellas who've been doing this for nearly 40 years... not bad at all” !  Discussions Magazine USA

*The band set off on their Medicated Spirits Tour in support of the new album, the 2CD and 2LP release will be available in all good record stores and on line.

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* Back catalogue now available on this site including: Two Heads, One Brain - Suitcase - Dog Trumpet (self titled) - Antisocial Tendencies - River of Flowers
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