New Double A sided single 2 songs for $3 download
  • New Double A sided single 2 songs for $3 download
  • New Double A sided single 2 songs for $3 download
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Dog Trumpet release brand new double A sided single

Stay For Too Long by Peter O’Doherty

I ‘borrowed’ some of the lyrics for this song from the titles to a couple of paintings by the American folk artist Andrea Heimer.  Her narrative works about growing up in suburbia have long explanatory titles, so I paraphrased one called ‘In Our House and Others I Knew, Redecorating Was a Way To Force Change Without Really Changing Anything At All’ to set my first verse up and used the other ‘A Feeling I Sometimes Have’ in the chorus. There’s a funny familiarity and poignancy about these paintings and I related them to my restless mum who had our family constantly moving house in a quest for something new.

Overseas and Elsewhere by Reg Mombassa

Overseas and Elsewhere has a slightly hillbilly melody and chord structure. The lyrics are about how pointless it is to worry about small things when there are more positive things in life and you may as well not worry about serious problems until they actually occur.  The great leader is a reference to what could be the cause of real worries i.e. a totalitarian tyrant gaining control of your country.

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Double A sided Single

Dog Trumpet

Stay For Too Long / Overseas and Elsewhere

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