Dog Trumpet, one of Australia’s most unique bands have gone global with Demon Music.  After thirty years of performing and recording, all seven albums will be available on vinyl for the first time and remastered for digital release.

Demon Music is known as one of the best catalogue/reissue labels in the world releasing specialist BBC titles and focusing on niche and cult bands.  Digital release on all platforms is 16th July 2021, vinyl release is 29th October 2021.   

Dog Trumpet’s seven albums are; Two Heads One Brain, Suitcase, Dog Trumpet (self titled), Antisocial Tendencies, River of Flowers, Medicated Spirits and their latest Great South Road.

Dog Trumpet’s new song and film clip ‘Fucking Idiots’ from the forthcoming album “Shadowland” asks of humans “what the fuck are you doing now?”. Why does our species have such a seemingly insane capacity for stupid, cruel, self-destructive and violent behaviour.  If aliens are keeping an eye on us, they must be worried, thinking how ridiculous it is that we still have nation states with vast armies and arsenals on a world that is now seriously polluted and destabilised.

Released 20/5/22 Watch video:

New single and video from Shadowland 'The Ballad of Clayton Looby' will be released on the 9/9/2022

The song written by Peter O'Doherty

This song is a reminiscence of growing up in the 1970’s on the northern beaches of Sydney.  Barrenjoey High was built behind the sand hills at Avalon and in those days it was a pretty relaxed atmosphere where we seemed to spend more time at the beach than at school.  Clayton Looby was a free-spirited larrikin in my year; an obsessive surfer and ratbag.

The song references his unconventional pirate life following the surf, sailing, riding motorbikes, living in Bali and spending a couple of years in a Japanese jail.  He died a couple of years ago and this song is a salute to his memory and his life.

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